160 WhisconierGiving Thanks to God
for the Life of a Loved One

“God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble.”
Psalm 46


Funerals and Memorial Services

In a time of loss, the church is a natural place to turn for help, and Pastors Bryn Smallwood-Garcia and Jennifer Whipple are available to offer comfort and guidance for those who grieve.  To talk about scheduling or planning a funeral or memorial service, please call the church office (203-775-1259), and a secretary will connect you with a pastor to help you.  Our church facilities are heavily used, so we ask that you refrain from announcing the date or time of a service until meetinghouse availability has been confirmed with a pastor and the church secretary.

The Memorial Garden

The stone wall in the Memorial Garden of the Congregational Church of Brookfield is built into the wooded and natural area to the west of the Church building. Placed at the entrance of the planned Outdoor Chapel, the wall defines an area whose natural surroundings invite the visitor to contemplate life with thanksgiving and point to the hand of the Eternal in the world around us.

Revelation 14:13
“I heard a voice from heaven saying, ‘Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord; they rest from their labors, and their works do follow them.’

The stone wall in the Memorial Garden is constructed to contain columnar niches for permanent placement of cremated remains. The wall is built of natural stone and topped with stone slabs. A uniform bronze marker gives the name and dates of birth and death of the person being remembered.

The Memorial Garden wall is a fitting resting place for the earthly remains of loved ones.

“Christ has been raised from death, as the guarantee that those who sleep in death will also be raised.”
1 Corinthians 15:20

The Memorial Garden is on the grounds of The Congregational Church of Brookfield and is managed by the Memorial Garden Committee of the church. To reserve a place or places in the Memorial Garden wall you may call the church secretary for an application (203-775-1259). For additional information, ask for a member of the Memorial Garden Committee to contact you.


John 11:25-26
“I am the resurrection and the life; all who believe in me, though they die, yet shall they live, and whoever lives and believes in me shall never die.”

An increasing number of people prefer cremation and are asking that their remains be cared for in this way. It is seen as a convenient process by which expense may be minimized and land space preserved for other uses. Cremated remains (ashes) may be interred (earth burial), or may be given to one's heirs for placement in a memorial niche or scattered, where legal.

The ashes are delivered to the family in a container (box or urn) and may be stored indefinitely or hand carried or mailed for distant disposition. The CCB Memorial Garden provides an appropriate alternative for the disposition of cremated remains.


A uniform cast bronze marker, placed on the top surface of the flat stone slab to mark each niche containing cremated remains, is provided.

Contact the church office by phone at 203-775-1259, or by email here.

Memorial Garden Application

 To purchase a wall niche, please call the church office at 203-775-1259, or ask to have a member of the Memorial Garden Committee call you to make the necessary arrangements.

The Book of Remembrance

 Many of us have at some time, desired to memorialize a loved one.  Moreover, most of us would like to strengthen our church, add to and improve its facilities, thereby prolonging within it the influences that have been released by devoted Christians of other days.  Our church has a very appropriate plan by which an interested person can do both of these things. 

The cherished memory of a loved one can be honored and the present and future good of the church can be enhanced through The Book of Remembrance. 

The Book of Remembrance is a memorial book displayed in the Meetinghouse, recording the names of those in whose memory gifts are made to the church together with the names of those making the gifts.  (The amount does not appear). 

This book provides a fitting method and place in which a gift, of any amount, is lovingly offered, gratefully received and used for the continuing good of the church.  The gifts are acknowledged to both the donor and the family of the person remembered. All purchases which the church makes with these funds will be in loving remembrance of all persons whose names are inscribed in the Book of Remembrance.  No monies are expended in memory of a particular individual or group of persons.

Twice a year a memorial service is held during the Sunday morning worship at which time these gifts are recognized and dedicated, and persons memorialized are remembered in prayer.  The Book of Remembrance appeals to a great many people as a most beautiful and appropriate way to pay tribute to those whom we have loved.

Memorials for the church are secured from these funds and are deeply appreciated.  For more information, call the church office at 775-1259.   If you wish to donate funds in memory of friends and loved ones, please notify:

Book of Remembrance Treasurer
The Congregational Church of Brookfield
160 Whisconier Road
Brookfield, CT  06804

Gifts from the Book of Remembrance:

  • 1957   5 Deacon Chairs - 100 Communion Racks and Silencers

  • 1958   4 Collection Plates

  • 1962   6 Windsor Chairs for rear of the church - 2 Pulpit Bible Markers

  • 1963   Tables and Chairs for Fellowship Hall

  • Cast Bronze Tablet for new addition

  • 1964   Contribution toward new kitchen - Pew Card Holders

  • 1965   4 Communion Trays and Glasses, Piano

  • 1968   Musical Instruments for Choir

  • 1969   1 Deacon Chair, Handbells and Case for Choir

  • 1971   Iron Railing for Chapel to Church parking lot

  • Handbells and Case

  • 1975   Christian Flag for Church - 2 Pulpit Robes for Lay Readers

  • 1976   Books for the Church Library - Bicentennial Maple Tree

  • 1977   Draperies for Fellowship Hall

  • 1981   300 Hymnals, Chancel Lights - Wall Sconces under the balcony

  • 1982   REACH Telephone Ministry

  • 10 Hamilton music stands, 6 Tables for Bell Choir

  • 1983   Contribution toward refurbishing the sanctuary

  • 1985   Portable Brooks Hall Seating

  • 1986   Christmas Window Candles for the Meetinghouse

  • 1987   Handicap Ramp

  • 1989   Portable Balcony Seating and Adult Choir Robes

  • 1991   2 Window Shades for the Sanctuary -    Portable Piano for the Balcony

  • 1992   Additional Portable Balcony Seating - Sanctuary Sound System

  • 1994   Handbell Refurbishment

  • 1994   Rebuilding of Organ Swell Engine

  • 1995   Worship Space Renovation

  • 1996   REACH Video Ministry

  • 1998   Pulpit Furnishings

  • 1999   Video and Audio Equipment

  • 2003   Reach Booth Renovation - Build Choir Platform

  • 2004   Digital Piano

  • 2007   250th Anniversary Plaque of Pastors and Associates from 1957-present

  • Mirror in Brooks Hall

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