A Message From the Stewardship Team:

Share and see God’s Spirit Spread!

Electronic Giving is here at CCB!

The Stewardship Committee has enrolled our church with Vanco Services to provide our members and friends the option of giving one time gifts or paying pledges electronically. Electronic giving offers convenience for members and provides much needed donation consistency for our congregation, like during the summer months. We on Stewardship are excited about this new option. We are here to assist you if you have any questions.  

Online giving can be managed through our new secure
Online Giving site.

From Jen…

When you share your time and talents, you never expect to receive anything in return. I have had the opportunity to lead the Refugee Resettlement Ministry, be a confirmation mentor, work with a wonderful group of people over at the parsonage (where I laugh more than work - so I'm not so sure how much help I've been), go on the Women's Mission trip, work at the Yankee Barn Fair and teach Sunday school. In return, my sharing has led to friendships, the opportunity to do an international mission trip without ever leaving my town or my family, inspired other churches to form their own refugee resettlement ministry, and to watch our own church school children grow in their faith.

God gave us this wonderful ability to share and it is He who helps us to reap the benefits of the returns. "Share and see God's spirit spread" - it's the most powerful experience!

Shared by Tosha…

When my kids were born I felt so blessed with all that I had received I wanted to give others a gift.  We asked that birthday guests bring gifts for a charity we had chosen and not for the birthday child.  When my oldest was 3 I let him choose the charity.  I gave him ideas of helping children or puppies or firemen.  I was not sure what to expect from a 3 year old, but I was pleasantly surprised.  He wanted to help children.  I decided to push a little more and ask if he wanted to help children with no money for doctors or children that doctors didn't know how to help, and told him it was a very difficult choice.  He thought for a moment and decided "children that doctors don't know how to help, it's very difficult".  Amazing what a child understands!  We chose donations to an allergy group as my son suffers from food allergies.  I know it makes me feel good to share some of our good fortune and I hope I've given my children insight into the joys of giving.  We have also had birthdays for Family Child Aid and DAWS.   

Shared by Dave…

I have had two rather serious injuries in my life as a result of my passion for skiing. About twenty years ago, I managed to herniate a disc in my back which pressed on my sciatic nerve, caused excruciating pain and kept me out of work for about six weeks At the height of my affliction, while I was laying uncomfortably in a hospital bed, one of the first people to visit me was the new young minister of the church, Peter Wiley. I was so impressed that he took the time to visit me. Laurie was always the real "participating church member," while I was the one that accompanied her to church. I was also remembered in the portion of the service for concerns that Sunday after he had visited me.
Most recently, I experienced another rather serious injury at Mohawk Mountain on January 29th. I had traveled up with a group from the church to enjoy a day of skiing. However, during my third run down I was going too fast, crossed my tips, and went upside down crashing into the snow very hard with my left shoulder. When I came to rest, I was dazed, shaken up and aware that my shoulder did not feel right. I was very lucky because the ski patrol showed up very quickly. I told them that I was skiing with the Congregational Church of Brookfield and that I must get word to the leaders, Pastors Jennifer and Bryn and Toni Sullivan. As the ambulance was pulling out of the parking lot, both Jennifer and Toni were at the ambulance's door assuring me that they would contact my wife, Laurie. Toni, luckily for me, asked for my car keys, so she could drive my car back from Mohawk that day.

I was raced off to Sharon Hospital where I was x-rayed and CAT scanned to verify that I only had a broken collar bone. Laurie came to get me by 2:15pm and by the time we got home that night, our message machine was filled with phone messages from church members. Bryn and Jennifer called to see how I was doing. Toni Sullivan called to tell us that Cindy Radtke drove my car back to Brookfield because she (Toni) had sprained her knee while skiing that afternoon. Cindy called back that night to make sure that she had dropped off the car at the right house. I was remembered in church the following day during Joys and Concerns. On Monday, Walt Fisher called to check on my condition and later in the week received a great get well card from Olivia Quinsland.

All I can say is that the members of the Congregational Church of Brookfield truly act on their Christian beliefs. They “do not just talk the talk but they walk the walk." When you are hurt like I was on those days, you really appreciate those people who express a sincere interest in your welfare.
Thank you all for your help and concern in my hour of self-caused pain!
Dave Matte

Share and see
Spirit Spread!


“Command them to do good,
 to be rich in good deeds,
and to be generous and willing to share
1 Timothy 6:18

We Share…

This little white church on the hill, a beacon of faith.



Help for those in need, right here and throughout the world.


Our Biblical
foundation and our congregational heritage.



Open communion – all are welcome!



“Field of Flags,” remembering our fallen soldiers, and other outreach to our community

…the joy of life in fellowship…

Sharing Christian love with one another – through our buildings, offerings, time and talents – is FUN! We get that extra benefit!

Without your pledge giving, we would not be able to reach out to new people through printed material and other advertising – although we are making great use of Facebook, our website, and other “free” media. We want to SHARE the Good News of God’s love with others!


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Your Pledge is Vital

 Please prayerfully consider your SHARE in our ministries.

  • If you have never pledged, please give it a try!
    We base our budget on pledges.  We are grateful for all gifts, but if you pledge we can plan ahead with confidence.

  • Give more if you can.
    Did you know the the past median annual pledge in our congregation is $1,260, with an average pledge of $1,935?  Gifts range from $100 to more than $10,000.  Wherever you fall in that range, we ask that you think about moving up, at least slightly, each year.

  • Commit to your pledge.
    We depend on your giving, so please do your best to keep on schedule.  You might try our new on-line giving option!

Like the “patchwork prayer“ blankets we sent to our Lakota Sioux friends, our church is held together by a SHARE  from each of us.

A word from your pastors:

Many of us come to church hoping to gain something for ourselves or our families – perhaps a word of inspiration, a chance to praise God in music, or Christian Education for our children. Many spiritual seekers are looking for something new to give their life greater meaning. That’s why Paul’s advice to his pastor-in-training Timothy is still as wise and true today as it was in the First Century: “Command them to do good, to be rich in good deeds, and to be generous and willing to share.” We are confident that what you are able to share with your church (and with the world, since we share a percentage of your pledge with missions beyond our own doors) will be of as much spiritual benefit to you as it is to the ministries we share, which could not continue without your help. We thank you, once again, for your financial pledge, as with all you are able to give to Christ’s Church.

Rev. Bryn Smallwood-Garcia
Rev. Jennifer Whipple

A note from Stewardship:

We present to you this year an extremely frugal and responsible budget.  Your Church Council worked hard, and made some difficult cuts, so that we could have a pledge goal that – working together and with God’s help – we know we can reach. In these challenging times, we trust you to prayerfully consider the financial demands on your family and to give as generously as you are able.  We hope that pledging can be a joyful and meaningful way for you to share the gifts God has given you.  Thank you in advance for your help!


Let’s SHARE our joy!

Previously, Stewardship chose SHARE! as our campaign theme.  Then we went to our committees and asked them two questions;

How do we share with our church community and wider world? and
What could we share if we had a little more money, time, or resources?

Your responses have inspired us this year, and we will share many of the stories of how we share, or how we could share, in the coming weeks. There is an abundance of love, faith and energy in this church family ready to be shared, and your pledges of financial support are what it will take to make that possible.
Please give as generously as you can, with great thankfulness, because we have so much joy to share with the world!


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