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Confirmation Year

The Discipleship Program is a multi-faceted exposure to the opportunity to become a known and confessed follower of Jesus the Christ. Each person in the program follows a self-guided program with an adult mentor choosing tasks and studies in the following areas:

Worship and Spiritual Growth: Attending churches, outlining sermons, joining in worship leadership, evaluating worship materials, and providing creative worship resources are a few of the options in this area.

Study and Learning:
In a tutorial mode with your mentor, you will study several modules on Church life, history, Bible, Sacraments and the like, on a schedule of meetings you set up between you. In discussion, sharing, reacting, and exploration you will seek to "grow in wisdom ... and in favor with God and others."

Service and Caring:
Through projects in the church and the community you will take steps to be a change agent in areas needing changes. The Intervention in our world of God's Word in Jesus is the motivation for mission and social action by his church. In hands on tasks of caring you can choose to make a difference by visits, labor, self giving, and other actions.

Friendship and Fellowship: "Getting to Know You" is another task of the program as we seek to get to know the whole church, and the segment of the church that is meeting needs you feel in yourself. The Youth Fellowships, Choirs, and other groups in church provide an arena for peer support and even positive pressure among committed and covenanted Christians.


Each confirmand also meets with the other confirmands in their class to learn more together as a group.  Together the confirmands participate in retreats and other opportunities to explore faith and to discover more along their own faith journeys.  The confirmation program is for youth in 9th grade and older.  It begins in September and ends in June.

Upcoming Confirmation Schedule 2013-2014:
September 8, 2013   Sunday 5 pm      Informational Meeting            

September 29, 2013   Sunday 5-7 pm           Confirmands, Mentors & Pastor Class                     

October 20, 2013       Sunday 5-7 pm              Confirmand & Pastor Class (God)                   

November 3, 2013       Sunday 5-7 pm            Confirmand & Pastor Class (Jesus)                  

November 24, 2013      Sunday 5-7 pm    Confirmand & Pastor Class (Holy Spirit)                

December 8, 2013        Sunday 5-7 pm    Confirmand & Pastor Class  (Bible)                         

January 12, 2014     Sunday 5-7 pm         Confirmand & Pastor Class (Canceled due to weather)   

Jan. 31st – Feb. 2nd, 2014 Confirmation Retreat at Silver Lake Conference Center            * More info to follow  (Personal, CCB & UCC History)

February 23, 2014     Sunday 5-7 pm       Confirmand & Pastor Class (Worship)                        
March 9, 2014     Sunday 5-7 pm           Confirmand & Pastor Class (Sacraments)    

March 16, 2014   Sunday 1:30pm      Visit to the Mosque in Danbury   

March 30, 2014   Sunday 5-7 p                Confirmand & Pastor Class (Other Faiths) 

April 5-6, 2014   Saturday-Sunday     Healthy Choices Retreat              

April 27, 2014    Sunday 5-7 pm                 Confirmand & Pastor Class (What If…?)               

May 7, 2014   Wednesday 7-7:45 pm  Confirmands meet with Deacons             MANDATORY

May 4, 2014     Sunday 5-7 pm                Confirmands, Mentors & Pastor FINAL Class         

CONFIRMATION SUNDAY           Sunday, May 18, 2014 at the 10:30 am service



**We may also be taking class trips to places like a nearby synagogue, the Buddhist Faith Fellowship, and the Islamic Society in Danbury.

*Note: There will be at least one mentor at each of the Sunday night Confirmation Classes along with the Pastor to help lead, guide, and maintain Safe Church standards.


Summer Sermon Series: Confirmation Class 2008

Click here to see the whole Summer Sermon Series, along with the name of the 9th grade Confirmand who suggested the sermon title.


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