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An update from the Refugee Resettlement Ministry…

Ahmed began this update for me when he said, “We’ve been here just about a month, and so much has happened since then!” How true it is, thanks to the generosity of our volunteers, and to Ahmed and his family’s willingness to embrace their new lives in this country.

Wedyan has been working hard to perfect her English, and is hoping to be a Certified Nurses Aide and eventually a nurse someday. However, she wisely wants to work somewhere first in order to improve her English, before taking a certification course that may require her to have a greater command of the language. She is an excellent cook, an avid gardener (stop by sometime to see the new vegetable garden next to the cottage!), and a wonderful hostess to all who come to visit.

Ahmed past his road test, and is looking for a car. He has put together a very impressive resume, with input from some members of the church who have knowledge in this area. He has been to an interviewing workshop, and several interviews. Both he and Wedyan are excited to find jobs, and we are still pursuing a variety of options for them.

The children are enjoying their new school, with Nail in Kindergarten and his sister Rahmah in pre-school. They were tutored in English over the summer, and are now using their new language with each other, and with friends on the playground! How fun it is to see children learning by leaps and bounds, and enjoying their time with anyone who will communicate and play with them!!

The biggest hurdle they had to overcome was Wedyan’s medical situation. In early August, they were told that she has a carcinoid tumor in her bronchial tubes, and that it is cancerous. Thankfully, it is a slow-growing tumor that will not spread, but it needs to be removed. Although it is quite scary to have to face such a serious medical issue in a new country far away from their friends and family, both Wedyan and Ahmed are being very brave and positive. They are happy that she will now be able to get the medical care she needs. Wedyan is home now, recovering from her surgery. Our volunteers have gone above and beyond the call of duty to be their new friends and family, spending countless hours at the hospital in New Haven and showing them all the love and support that they need and deserve in order to help them through this difficult time.

One thing that I am continually amazed at as I work with this ministry is how truly special and amazing our volunteers are! From babysitting at 6:30 am at the last minute, to spending three hours at a health clinic waiting for all of them to see the doctor, our volunteers continue to go above and beyond to help this wonderful family get what they need as they go about starting new lives in a foreign country. I feel so proud of this church, and blessed to be able to work with so many unbelievably special people….people from both Connecticut and Iraq!

A special thanks to all the volunteers for all you are doing, and to Ahmed, Wedyan, Nail and Rahmah for sharing their warmth and hearts with all of us! Please continue to pray for the employment needs of this family, and for their beautiful children as they continue to adapt to their new home in a new country.

In His love,


2010 Refugee Resettlement Ministry

When IRIS (Integrated Refugee and Immigration Services) asked our church for emergency help last month, our congregation responded immediately.  Our Cottage is now a temporary home for a mother and her three children from Africa.  Within hours of our request, many donated enough staples and canned goods to see the family through the worst January in Connecticut history - and way beyond.  Even more important for the family is the support and sanctuary given by our church.  If you would like to help with childcare and transportation, or get to know this lively, delightful family in any other way, please let us know.

 Thank you -

Jen Wurst

Patty Buchan




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