Last Updated:  Monday, 02 April 2007

The Congregational Church of Brookfield

A Timeline of:

Open and Affirming Discussions and Presentations




September 19, 1993 A sermon preached at both services of worship reflected on the Bible’s treatment of sexual orientation.


October 1993      On the 3, 24, & 31, the Sunday morning In-Between study hour considered the meaning of Open & Affirming and hosted guest speakers from PFLAG (parents for gay and lesbians).


January 2000       The In-Between studied the Bible and homosexuality.


February 2000 –

January 2002       A series of open forums discussing Open and Affirming were offered and held, including visitors from other churches.


Spring 2002       Church Council began informal discussion about Open and Affirming.


April 2002         Church agreed to take on a multi-month study (within council) of Open and Affirming.


October 2002 –

June 2003         Council dedicated an average of one hour of each of its meeting to Open and Affirming study, including biblical/theological reflections, visitors’ presentations, and discussion.


June 2003         Church Council voted unanimously “to broaden the discussion and introduce the open and affirming process to the congregation.”


September 18, 2003 A letter from the Church Council was sent to the entire congregation encouraging participation in the Open and Affirming discussion.


October 2003      Three opportunities were offered to go through a series of studies of the biblical and theological implications of Open and Affirming.


November 2, 2003  Two guest speakers were hosted from the First Church Congregational Fairfield (and Open and Affirming Church) during the In-Between study).


November 9, 2003  We welcomed Susan Townsley, a recent interim of First Church Danbury and our current Regional Minister to discuss Open and Affirming.


November 16, 2003 Olivia Quinsland presented Open and Affirming from a personal perspective.


November 16, 2003 - At a Program Board attended by over 60 members, the overwhelming consensus

                    of the groups was to move forward to begin creating an Open and Affirming

                    Statement for the church.

March 14, 2004 - Congregational vote to authorize the Church Council to begin the process of creating

                an Open and Affirming statement passes unanimously.


March 28, 2004 - Discussion - Creating a Statement


April 14, 2004 - Discussion - Creating a Statement


April 18, 2004 - Discussion - Creating a Statement


April 25, 2004 - Annual Meeting - First draft of ONA statement presented


July 11, 2004 - Open Forum hosted by Deacons


May 15, 2005 - Congregational Vote and Open and Affirming Accepted